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Despite the doom and gloom reports from the media, last quarter our economy was still not in a recession.  According to a FOXBusiness article, the GDP grew 0.6 percent which is less than it did last quarter, but it still grew.  Consumer spending rose 1 percent down from 2.3 percent last quarter.  Inflation (prices) grew at 3.5 percent compared to 3.9 percent the previous quarter.

While the numbers show that we were not in a recession in the first quarter, it is likely that we may be in one now.

Also the tax rebates start going out in May.  I’ll have to be sure to get to the mailbox before my wife does for the next couple of weeks.

The availabilty of some items have changed significantly so I thought I’d post a new one.  We are also already into Saturday deliveries now for most new orders unless we can work your order onto an existing run.

Thanks.     availabilityapril30

Here is next weeks availability. I will be updating this post off and on today and tomorrow with pictures and maybe a video so you might want to check back later.


I also wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone for being patient regarding your deliveries. There is always a couple of weeks every spring where it is a challenge to get all the deliveries completed.

UPDATE:  Saturday 3:06 pm

Today’s Garden Center posted a short article on how to survive in a slow economy.  Basically, when profits are down, you have to raise your prices in order to survive.  However, product differentiation seems to be the key.  You must have products and/or services that consumers want or need.

The article also references two other articles which I linked to below.

I forgot to post the ready list.  I am so sorry.


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