New additions to our selections  for 2014!

Updated December 3, 2014 – we will be adding and updating this page periodically as we get closer to spring.

1801 Annuals:

We changed Gazania series to Kiss. Gene Simmons would be proud!

We added Zinnia Profusion Double Hot Cherry in place of the Zahara Double Cherry. The Profusion Double Hot Cherry Zinnia held it’s color longer and looked better in all the field trial reports we received. The Profusion Hot Cherry Zinnia is also an All-American Selections (AAS) winner and a Fleuroselect Gold Medal winner.

New Ethnic Culinary  and Specialty Vegetables:

We have added in a lot of new specialty vegetables that are postitioned to service a niche market of vegetables that for the most part are not available in supermarkets and that are for people who want to grow their own vegetables for ethnic cuisines. To be successful selling these vegetable plants, we will all have to work hard to let our customers know that they are available.

Suyo Long  Cucumber  

New Peppers:

We have added some new peppers that are used in drying and roasting as well as in some Asian dishes for those folks who are looking for something different.

New Tomatoes:

  • #1G Charley’s Vegetables

2.5 Quart Burpee Bumper Crop Grafted Tomatoes:

We added 4 new grafted tomatoes to our Burpee Bumper Crop Tomato program for 2014.bumper crop

Big Rainbow
Big Zac – NEW!
Black Krim
Brandywine Pink
Brandywine Red
Fireworks – NEW!
Indigo Sun – NEW!
Mortgage Lifter
Mrs. Maxwell’s Big Italian – NEW!
San Marzano


#4.5 Premium Annuals:

For 2013 we were not satisfied with how the  Calibrachoas in #4.5 Premium pots performed so we are trying a different series.

For 2014, we are going to work with the Calipetite Calibrachoa series.

geranium fantasia purple


After reviewing at our #4.5 Geranium colors, we dicided that we were a little heavy on the pink and rose colors. So we dropped the Fantasia Neon Rose and added in the Fantasia Purple.


1.0 Qt Proven Winners 

After much discussion, we decided that it was time to add in some Proven Winner plants. We had not done so sooner due to their being a good selection of similar product that we felt was as good as or better suited for the South  (for the most part). Now there are some plants that are getting a good reputation with landscapers and new colors that have no competition. In response to this newness, we have added the following items to our production. You can find more information on our Proven Winners page.

New Colors of Cora Vinca in #6  Cora Cascade Vinca in #6 Deluxe Annuals:

cora cascade apricot

New Petunia Colors in #6 Pots and #10 Hanging Baskets:

After hearing from some of our customers, seeing some of the new vegetative Petunias available and a lot of discussion, we decided to add in some new petunias colors.

papayapetuniabasket.jpg yellowpetuniabasket.jpg sweetunia hot rod red

Sunpatiens #1G:

New Confetti Gardens in both #6 Pots and #12 Hanging baskets:

Afternoon Delight and Hawaiian Fruit Bowl were both discontinued.


The 403 Stepables packs and #4 True Stepables pots did not sell well so we are once again changing container sizes and switching to the more common #4(1801) package with #4 Stepables category specific pricing.


Deco Pots and Bowls:

Succulent Bowl

  • #12 Deco Poutunias – replaces Deco Wave Petunias
  • #12 Succulent Bowl
  • #12 Succulent Oval Bowl
  • #12 Color Oval Bowl

You can see more information on these items on our Patio Containers page.

We are phasing out the #8 Square Planter due to poor sales and low margins, and we have discontinues the #12 Deco Trailing Petunia Combos in favor of the #12 Deco Confettis.

Additions and changes to our hanging baskets:

  • Geranium Caliente Coral Lavender Rose Mix basket – replaces Caliente Geranium Red
  • Petunia Potunia Papaya
  • Petunia Potunia Yellow
  • Petunia Sweetunia Hot Rod Red

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