To all our AR customers,

Please take a few minutes to read the message below from Dr. Robbins and complete the Arkansas Specialty Crop survey. The current response from our segment of the industry in Arkansas is not very good. The specialty crop segment includes more than just ornamental horticulture such as segments like fruit trees and honey bees.

If we do not take the time to complete the survey, there is a good possibility that funding for horticulture support and research at the University of Arkansas will be reduced or eliminated.

These cut backs could extend to the government level as well if the powers that be use this survey to justify cut backs in areas that support specialty crop production in the state.

If we do not participate and let folks know how much of an economic impact we have in the state, we will lose our voice when it comes to asking for help, fighting regulations and having people in our corner working on solutions to problems.

It is very important that we all fill out this survey so that we can continue to grow our industry and business in Arkansas. Every response will help. Changes that happen at the university and government level will trickle down and affect us all.

Thank you in advance for your time.

Link to confidential survey:

Jason Parks
President, Arkansas Green Industry Association
Operations Manager, Parks Brothers Farm, Inc.
Van Buren, AR


From Dr. Jim Robbins:

The University of Arkansas System Division of Agriculture is currently conducting a statewide survey to assess the economic value of production, service and sales of horticultural operations in Arkansas. In addition, survey results will identify research, education, promotion, and business assistance needs for the Green Industry. The survey is similar to one conducted in 2001, however, this survey is even more critical since the National Agriculture Statistics Service no longer includes Arkansas in its Specialty Crop or Floriculture surveys.

We ask for your assistance in promoting this effort to our production and value added specialty crop businesses as well as encouraging participation in the survey. The Division is receiving heightened requests from stakeholders and clients as growers seek to explore niche production and/or diversification options as well as communities exploring value added processing and value added infrastructure investments.

The importance of this survey is recognized and supported by the Arkansas Green Industry Association, the Arkansas Turfgrass Association, and the Arkansas Farm Bureau. We want to assure all survey recipients that their individual responses will be kept confidential.

PLEASE take the time to support this critical survey. Help us to make sure that the voice of the specialty crop sector is counted and heard so that we can provide the necessary support to Arkansas’ horticulture Industries.

Link to confidential survey:

James Robbins
Professor/Extension Specialist
University of Arkansas CES
2301 S. University Ave.
Little Rock, AR 72204


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J6 Pansy Mtx Clear Yellow 11-4-16Who doesn’t need yellow pansies? We have lots of them!  Yellow blotch, clear yellow, yellow panolas, you name it.  We also have lots of other beautiful plants.  Take a look at this week’s pictures and see what you like. 

J6 Panola Golden Yellow 11-4-16J6 Panola True Blue 11-4-16J6 Pansy Cols Blotch Yellow 11-4-16J6 Pansy Mtx Clear Yellow 11-4-16J6 Pansy Mtx Morpheus 11-4-16J6 Pansy Mtx Red Blotch 11-4-16J6 Petunias 11-4-16J6 Viola Johnny Jump Up 11-4-16

Lots of J6 and #4 left

#4 Pansy Cols Yellow 11-4-16#4 Pansy Mtx Beaconsfield 11-4-16#4 Pansy Mtx Light Blue 11-4-16#4 Pansy Mtx Orange 11-4-16#4 Pansy Mtx Purple 11-4-16#4 Pansy Mtx True Blue 11-4-16#4 Pansy Mtx White 11-4-16#4 Petunia White 11-4-16

Some #6

 #6 Calibrachoa 11-4-16#6 Calibrachoa Orange 11-4-16#6 Calibrachoa White 11-4-16#6 Cool Wave Pansy 11-4-16#6 Wave Petunia Pink 11-4-16 (2)#6 Wave Petunia Pink 11-4-16

Kale and cabbage

#6 White Cabbage 11-4-16#6 White Kale 11-4-16#8 Peacock Kale 11-4-16#8 Red Bor Kale 11-4-16#8 Red Cabbage 11-4-16#8 White Cabbage 11-4-16

And baskets

#10 Foliage Basket 11-4-16#10 Petunia Basket 11-4-16 (2)#10 Petunia Basket 11-4-16 (3)#10 Petunia Basket 11-4-16

J6 Matrix Yellow Pansy 10-28-16 (2)The season is winding down as October is nearly over.  We still have some great plants available.  Here is the J6:

J6 Golden Yellow Panola 10-28-16J6 Harvest Mix Viola 10-28-16J6 Matrix Clear Mix Pansy 10-28-16J6 Matrix Lavender Shades Pansy 10-28-16J6 Matrix Light Blue Pansy 10-28-16J6 Matrix Orange Pansy 10-28-16J6 Matrix Yellow Pansy 10-28-16 (2)J6 Red Petunias 10-28-16 (2)J6 Select Mix Viola 10-28-16J6 Snapdragons 10-28-16J6 True Blue Panola 10-28-16J6 White Petunias 10-28-16J6 Yellow Jump Up Viola 10-28-16J6 Yellow Viola 10-28-16

The #4 annuals are still looking great

#4 Colossus Formula Mix Pansy 10-28-16#4 Colossus Red Blotch Pansy 10-28-16#4 Dreams Mix Petunias 10-28-16#4 Matrix Beaconsfield Pansy 10-28-16#4 Matrix Clear MIx Pansy 10-28-16#4 Petunias 10-28-16 (2)#4 Petunias 10-28-16 (3)#4 Petunias 10-28-16#4 Yellow Pansy 10-28-16#4 Yellow Snapdragons 10-28-16

The #6 annuals

#6 Cool Wave Pansies 10-28-16 (3)#6 Cool Wave Pansies 10-28-16#6 Lavender Calibrachoa 10-28-16 (2)#6 Lavender Calibrachoa 10-28-16#6 Red Calibrachoa 10-28-16#6 Wave Petunias 10-28-16#6 Yellow Calibrachoa 10-28-16#6 Yellow Cool Wave Pansies 10-28-16

Cabbage and kale

#6 White Cabbage 10-28-16#6 White Kale 10-28-16#8 Chidori Red Kale 10-28-16#8 Peacock Red Kale 10-28-16#8 Red Cabbage 10-28-16#8 White Cabbage 10-28-16

We still have some hanging baskets as well

#10 Fall Baskets 10-28-16#10 Foliage Basket 10-28-16

#4 Pansy Mtx Orange 10-21-16We still have incredible inventory available!  Everything is loving the cooler temps.  We have lots of plants that are looking great.  Check out these pictures of the flat material.

J6 Dianthus Crimson 10-21-16J6 Dianthus Mix 10-21-16 (2)J6 Dianthus Mix 10-21-16J6 Panola Clear Mix 10-21-16J6 Panola Yellow 10-21-16J6 Pansy Col Blotch Blue 10-21-16J6 Pansy Col Blotch White 10-21-16J6 Pansy Col Blotch Yellow 10-21-16J6 Pansy Col White Purple Wing 10-21-16J6 Pansy Mtx Blotch Mix 10-21-16J6 Pansy Mtx Clear Mix 10-21-16J6 Pansy Mtx Light Blue 10-21-16J6 Pansy Mtx True Blue 10-21-16J6 Petunia Dreams Mix 10-21-16J6 Petunias 10-21-16 (2)J6 Petunias 10-21-16J6 Viola Harvest Mix 10-21-16J6 Viola Yellow 10-21-16

The #4 inventory is going fast, but the plants are in good shape

#4 Pansy Col Blotch Blue 10-21-16#4 Pansy Col Blotch Red 10-21-16#4 Pansy Col Blotch Yellow 10-21-16#4 Pansy Col Clear White 10-21-16#4 Pansy Col Clear Yellow 10-21-16 (2)#4 Pansy Col Clear Yellow 10-21-16#4 Pansy Col Formula Mix 10-21-16#4 Pansy Cols Formula Mix 10-21-16#4 Pansy Mtx  Beaconsfield 10-21-16#4 Pansy Mtx Clear Blue 10-21-16#4 Pansy Mtx Clear Mix 10-21-16#4 Pansy Mtx Light Blue 10-21-16#4 Pansy Mtx Orange 10-21-16#4 Pansy Mtx Scarlet 10-21-16#4 Petunias 10-21-16#4 Snapdragons 10-21-16

We have veggies for the garden

#4 Peace Farm Organic Golden Frill Mustard 10-21-16#4 Peace Farm Organic Kale 10-21-16#4 Peace Farm Organic Sacred Basil 10-21-16J6 Veggies 10-21-16 (2)J6 Veggies 10-21-16 (3)J6 Veggies 10-21-16

Ornamental cabbage and kale is gorgeous

#6 Cabbage Red 10-21-16#6 Cabbage White 10-21-16#6 Kale Red 10-21-16#6 Kale White 10-21-16#8 Cabbage Red 10-21-16#8 Cabbage White 10-21-16#8 Kale Peacock Red 10-21-16#8 Kale Peacock White 10-21-16

#6 annuals to fill space quickly

#6 Calibrachoa Purple 10-21-16#6 Pansy Col Formula Mix 10-21-16#6 Pansy Cool Wave Purple 10-21-16#6 Pansy Cool Wave Sunshine N Wine 10-21-16#6 Pansy Cool Wave Yellow 10-21-16#6 Petunia Wave Pink 10-21-16

The hanging baskets are gorgeous

#10 Fall Basket Cool Wave Pansy Yellow 10-21-16#10 Fall Basket Foliage 10-21-16#10 Fall Basket Petunias 10-21-16 (2)#10 Fall Basket Petunias 10-21-16

And we have mums too!

#12 Mum Bronze 10-21-16#12 Mum Red 10-21-16#12 Mum Tricolor 10-21-16 (2)#12 Mum Tricolor 10-21-16

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